My top 3 high class escort London agencies

High class escort London agencies are very important for anyone who likes to get the most out of their time with top class courtesans. As you probably already know, there are two major types of high class escorts in London: independent escorts and the ones who work with an agency. While many independent girls are really good, I found that girls who work with an agency are generally more serious about their jobs and trustworthy. For example, I’ve never had a booking cancelled at the last minute with a top class agency, but it has happened a few times with independent girls. It must be that whole accountability issue. Anyway, what do you think about me sharing my 3 favourite high class escort London agencies? I knew you’d like the idea!

No. 3: High Class Escorts Agency

An agency with a name that’s idiot-proof, just what I always wanted! This agency has been around for about a year I think and I’ve made 7 or 8 bookings with them. Every time, it was all done professionally and perfectly. I talked to one of their girls about their agency and she said it’s their main goal to become the best and they’re actually quite serious about it. Definitely a high class escort London agency that’s worth booking with.

No. 2: VIP Porn Star Escort Agency

If you’re looking for an agency that employs girls who really know how to have fun, this is the one for you. This high class escort London agency works primarily with former or active porn stars who escort. Some of their girls haven’t been porn pros, but they’ll still let you get the odd snapshot or short clip every once in a while. I really love this agency and the amazingly “open minded” girls they work with. Whenever I have a fantasy I’d like to fulfil, I know I can be helped by a girl from this agency.

No. 1: Confidential Models High class escort London Agency

Not exactly a name that rolls off the tongue, huh? Well, I think I added a bit extra at the end there. Anyway, this was the first really good escort agency I ever used and I’ve loved them ever since. They are pretty old in the business and widely recognised as among the best (opinions may vary). In the years since they started the company, they have gotten better and better at taking care of ALL the needs of their clients. Thus, when I book with Confidential Models, I can ask them to find me a hotel, to make dinner reservations and so on. They work with lots girls, mostly from Brazil, E. Europe or South-East Asia, but there are a few Spanish, Italian and British girls too. Having gone out with most of them, I can safely say that all of them are really top class.

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